Bitcoin Cash – Who is behind the crypto currency?

The community behind the fork wants to remain anonymous in the sense of the crypto currencies. The decision to fork was a community decision, even though the Bitcoin core was very controversial. Those who were hostile to the BCH camp also saw the scaling problem. However, they preferred to rely on SegWit, the Segregated Witness. SegWit introduces an additional layer for the blockchain, the Lightning Network. This relieves the blockchain by processing many of the transactions separately. It also increases the block size to 4 MB. The community around the Bitcoin voted on the introduction and initially lost SegWit. This led to some frustration and could have helped the BCash course a lot.

Advantages and disadvantages for the Bitcoin trader

Bitcoin Cash can be seen as a competitor to a Bitcoin trader. Some of his advocates consider it the “true Bitcoin”. Despite the strong competition and hostile attitude of those loyal to Bitcoin, BCash has been able to hold its own over time. This is how the crypto currency is also called, often by Bitcoin fans who want to separate both coins from each other.

Apart from the differences in Bitcoin Cash Mining, the two crypto currencies hardly differ when it comes to handling as digital means of payment. Cash, however, has the advantage that at the moment the fees for transactions are considerably lower and the coin is therefore more worthwhile for everyday business where small amounts are needed. However, Bitcoin is still ahead of the game and is already working on a solution to its scaling problems. It remains to be seen whether the forecast will be bad when Bitcoin finally introduces SegWit.

Bitcoin Profit – Development – Forecast

Bitcoin Cash Rate
At the beginning the Bitcoin profit was quite turbulent. On August 2, a BHC cost about 650 €, the following week the price fell to below 200 € and rose to 270 € after a few days. Then there was a further increase to over € 500. From the rest of August to October, the price fell to around €270 per coin.
At the end of October 2017, however, the Bitcoin Cash price went up again, so that the coin was worth 500 € again at the beginning of November. On November 12 it rose to € 1,320, on November 26 to € 1,428. In December, the BCH Coin initially held its ground in this segment until the share price jumped in the pre-Christmas period to € 3,187 on 20 December.

For the remainder of December and in the first two weeks of January, the BCH coin remained at over € 2,000. The markets then calmed down and the price fell increasingly. In February it mostly held around € 1,000, at the end of March it was quoted at € 500.

The forecast: Despite the price losses at the end of February/beginning of April, the coin is still holding up better than it did the year before the slide. And despite the competition to the Bitcoin BCash seems to have secured its place. Whether it will ever really be the better crypto currency cannot be said. Nevertheless, buying BCash should be worth it, the coin has already made some good jumps.